Our wide ranges of activities aim to maintain each resident’s independence and to stimulate both mentally and physically. On entering Newford Nursing Home in Stoke On Trent each resident is assessed individually on their likes, dislikes and capabilities. Activities may be suggested for them to join in, or a programme made up for their individual choice.

Activities include:-

BingoThis is a lively and popular activity, which helps residents maintain upper body mobility and co-ordination skills. Prizes for the winners give a little enthusiasm to the game and makes socialising easy.

CraftUsually a small group which can be flower arranging, basket making, gardening pots etc., Brings out creative skills and maintains upper body mobility. Residents enjoy discussions while they create.

QuizzesSpecial quizzes are designed (general knowledge, music, old time) to stimulate the mind.

This gives residents time to socialise with each other and to make it more exciting it is treated as a competition and a prize is awarded to the winner.

Hairdressing This is a one to one activity where quality time is spent with the resident, chatting about various topics whilst having their hair done. This helps to boost self esteem and confidence.

Beauty TherapyThis is also a one to one activity, making the resident feel special, they can chat about anything important to them while professional treatment is carried out according to their needs.   This can include full manicures, pedicures, lash and brow treatments and facials.

Story TapesThis activity is an alternative to reading if the resident has poor sight. It helps to develop listening skills and can be relaxing. Usually it is a group session but it can also be enjoyed by the resident in the comfort of their own room if preferred. NB Assessments needs to be carried out by the library.

MusicThis usually accompanies another activity, but it can also be enjoyed if the resident does not wish to join in. We have all types of music for all occasions, sometimes used for having a sing song.

Exercise This can be done in a group with other residents with music (exercise programme comes from the physiotherapist) which can be fun or on a one to one basis. Instruments are often introduced for the less mobile to encourage them to join in. Sessions are held by a qualified instructor on a fortnightly basis as a group session.

Multi-sensory roomThis is filled with lights, colours, projected pictures and familiar smells. The residents can relax listening to soft music in a calming atmosphere.

AromatherapyThis is a small group activity, but can also be one to one if the resident prefers. It can aid toxin removal from the body and helps improve muscle tone and circulation etc. With soft lighting and music the massage is deeply relaxing. Products include 100% pure essential oils to benefit each resident’s individual complaints or needs.

ReminiscenceThis activity enables residents to recall their past and share experiences, it stimulates the mind and helps with socialising and listening skills. Often old newspaper articles, posters and questions are used to help them remember, with a cup of tea and a biscuit making it close to home and comfortable.

Movie Time The small group of residents participating in this enjoy the company of others while watching a film. There is often drinks and popcorn to make it a little more special and chatting about the film afterwards.

SportsThis includes golf, skittles, bowls, darts etc. and is quite energetic, stimulating the residents physically, while helping to maintain mobility and co-ordination. Sometimes prizes are offered to make it more enjoyable, and encourage them to compete against each other to win.

Games These are also popular and challenge both physical and mental skills. These also encourage residents to socialise and make decisions for themselves using their own strategies to win, often trying to cheat!

LibraryLibrary books are available all year round and there are a wide range of topics, large print is also available.

EntertainmentEvening Entertainment is arranged throughout the year with different artists. We have a licensed bar, so residents and visitors can enjoy a drink. This helps residents to socialise with other residents, staff and visitors.

Cabaret Time –Each month we put on a tribute show at 2.00 in the afternoon. This has included Elvis, The Beatles, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond and Karen Carpenter and coming soon Liberace.