Our Activities

Revolutionized Activity Experience

We have recently given our Activities Schedule a complete overhaul and restructured our working.

We now have a team of activity staff who provide daily activities which are tailored to their own specialised areas of expertise; ensuring that our service users are given a personalised level of activity provision to help to improve their quality of life. Having our Activity Coordinators trained and qualified in specific areas relevant to adult social care, we are able to provide a greater chance of physical rehabilitation, and an improvement in our service users' mental and physical well being. These areas in which our Activity Team are qualified are designed to compliment and work hand in hand with one another.

Catering to the holistic aspect of care, being conscious of fitness and mobility, as well as providing a boost to mental well being, we believe that we have a winning formula.You will find our activity coordinators buzzing around the home at various times of the day, and they are identified by their bright pink uniform.

They work both alongside the care staff to coordinate day trips and activity sessions for the service users, as well as heading these sessions themselves. More details about their varied areas of expertise are available below.

Activities 24/7

Activities are an integral part of a Home's structure. We believe them to be a vital tool in the provision of high care standards. We do not believe that they come secondary to care and instead, we coordinate our activity schedule to work alongside the other aspects of our service users' daily life. We have a member of our activity staff on duty every single day of the week, ensuring that there is something stimulating going on every day and that our service users are entertained, challenged, and provided for.

Group sessions or One to One Time

We have service users here with varying health issues and each with individual needs with regards to care. We understand that no two people are the same and we structure our activities with this in mind. Each person upon their admittance to Newford, will have the option to fill in a Lifestyle Diary, which details as much or as little about their life as they wish. Each person is then assessed through various forms and an activity plan is built for them, considering both these assessments and their own wishes for their participation level.

Our Activities Team

Claire ~ Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Claire is a long standing member of the team at Newford and has been the head of our Activities Team for many years.Claire is a qualified Beauty Therapist and is also trained in various aspects of holistic wellness, including Aromatherapy massage, Indian Head massage, and Reflexology. Upon liaising with the Home's doctor, Claire is able to assess suitable treatments for each service user. Claire provides all of these in-house treatments for our service users ~ be it a simple manicure or a full neck and shoulder massage for example ~ free of charge as part of their package when staying at Newford.

Hollie ~ Fitness & Mobility Coach

Hollie is a qualified fitness instructor and has specialist qualifications in Seated Exercise for Older Persons. Hollie provides the home with regular exercise classes to provide physical activity for them in their older age. Hollie liaises with the local Physiotherapy team to provide our more dependent or bed-bound service users with individualised exercise programmes. As well as the fitness programme at Newford, Hollie takes the lead with the health conscious baking and cooking which we do on a regular basis, to raise awareness of dietary issues and ensuring that we are also receving quality healthy foods to sample.

Julie ~ Mental Wellbeing Promoter

Julie is the newest member of the Activities Team; and she is enthusiastic and eager. Julie is always buzzing around the home and we put her abundance of energy down to being the mother of two young twin girls. Julie motivates our service users to take part in many different activities to help to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically. Julie focuses on activities which help to bring out the creative sides of our service users, such as craft work, painting, music therapy and reminiscence sessions. Within these sessions, she promote the focus on the feel good factor, and the social aspect of the setting.

Other Staff Areas


This is a lively and popular activity, which helps residents maintain upper body mobility and co-ordination skills. Prizes for the winners give a little enthusiasm to the game and makes socialising easy.


This activity enables residents to recall their past and share experiences, it stimulates the mind and helps with socialising and listening skills. Often old newspaper articles, posters and questions are used to help them remember, with a cup of tea and a biscuit making it close to home and comfortable.

Beauty Therapy

Our activity staff provide beauty treatments on a one to one basis or as part of a Beauty Afternoon, and trreatments range from manicures and pedicures to facials and masks etc.

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes run on a weekly basis here at Newford. These sessions are provided by our activity staff member who is qualified in fitness, and include circulation boosting exercises, target practice games and the use of various props such as a giant parachute.

Music Therapy

Music therapy takes place in our themed music lounge which homes various musical instruments such as a piano, wind chimes and a variety of hand-held instruments. We sing along to songs of the past and present and have a good boogie!

Community Visits

We have monthly visits from the local church and are also teamed up with a local nursery to help to bring together the older and younger generations throughout the year.

One on One Exercise

One to one exercise plans are put together for our less mobile service users through liaison with the local physiotherapy team. Our activity team focus on exercises to promote physical improvement in the hope to build strength and range of motion.

Holistic Therapy

Provided by our qualified activity staff member, holistic therapy ranges from aromatherapy massages, Indian Head massage and reflexology. Our therapies can take place in individual rooms or in our multi-sensory, calming lounge.

Arts & Crafts

A big pleaser here at Newford. We love to display our service users art on our corridor walls so be sure to check them out when you visit! This ranges from simple colouring and painting to flower arranging, and cross stitch etc.


Quizzes are a great stimuli for the mind and help to create a bit of fun and competitiveness. Working in teams helps socialisation and camaraderie whilst keeping the mind active and brain ticking.

Multi-sensory Sessions

We have a themed lounge which is filled with lights, colours, projected pictures and familiar smells. The residents can relax listening to soft music in a calming atmosphere. The equipment in here is also mobile so that the people whoar in their rooms are still able to experience them.

Sports & Games

This includes golf, skittles, bowls, darts etc. and is quite energetic, stimulating the residents physically, while helping to maintain mobility and co-ordination. Sometimes prizes are offered to make it more enjoyable, and encourage them to compete against each other to win.

Library Services

Library books are available all year round and there are a wide range of topics, with large print also being available. Service users can sign up to receive as many books as they like within their chosen genres from the local mobile Library at Home Service.


We arrange outings for our service users as often as they would like. This can be a simple walk across to the local pub for lunch, to a trip to Blackpool, Jodrell Bank or any other landmark sites.

Cabaret Shows

We have shows monthly here at Newford which are provided either by our in-house entertainer Chris, or from various outside artists. These can be pantomimes, projection shows, singers or live music etc.

Board & Table-top Games

Table top entertainment such as jigsaws and hand-held puzzles are at hand in our Activity Station. This is present in our reception area and houses all things to provide spur of the moment activities - here for anybody to use as they please.

Knitting Circle

Knitting has gone down a storm as of late, and so we are trying our hand at a knitting circle once a month in an afternoon. Be sure to get your orders in for scarves for the winter!

Cinema Shows

We have a large projection screen in our communal dining area which we use to host cinema shows. We come around with an intermission of refreshments of drinks and snacks, to keep us hydrated and well-fed throughout.

Animal Therapy

We have visits form various animals in the form of entertainment from varous places ~ Nesta's Ark, Zoolab etc. We also have staff members and visitors who bring in their pets as a way to provide animal therapy to our service users.

Tuesday Tearooms

Every Tuesday we have our tearooms open, taking place in our conservatory area. We have specialist cake prepared fresh by our cooks, and drink out of fancy china cups; having a good old chin wag!

One to One Sessions

One to one sessions can be whatever each service user would like. Be it a simple chat over a hot refreshing drink, to a one to one chance to have a pamper and have your hair done ~ the choice is yours.

Cooking & Baking

Our baking sessions tend to based around a theme of the time such as specialist or national days. We enjoy bringing out our creative side and enjoy more so the reward of tasting afterwards.


We have a new garden area built outside at the front of the home. Within this, we have specialist troughs which are designed to allow wheelchair access. For any budding green-fingered enthusiasts amongst us and a fantastic way to get some Vitamin D.

Sensory sessions 

We love to play about with the senses and often have food tasting sessions, tasting new foods from various cultures. We also have 'smelling games' where we have to guess what familiar smells are concealed in various jars, and texture games where we put our hands in various fun and amusing matter.