We strongly recommend you to please visit at least three Nursing Homes before making a final decision. It is only by comparring that you will discover the unique qualities of Newford Nursing Home, acknowledged now to be one of the best in the UK. It fulfills the dream criterion of an ideal nursing home.

Here’s how:

The entire building is on a single storey: It is research based and purpose built and not conversion of an old building. None of us have a lift in our house. Nor has Newford!

The building design ensures easy access by residents to lounges, dinning room, hairdressing, conservatory: It greatly helps provision of superior care by the staff too.

Newford has choice of four different themed lounges and conservatory to relax: Each lounge is meant to seat 6-8 persons. Research shows that most people have an aversion to sitting in a room with 15-20 persons, making them to want to stay in their own room. Newford’s well used lounges speak for themselves.